Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Stripe 21 is one of the most innovative Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the UK market. Our engineering team were the first to deliver true Quality of Service over ADSL Broadband in the UK as a standard product in 2002, backed by a stringent, engineered Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Innovative Voice Over Internet Protocol

Delivered as a fully managed Cisco network, this cost-saving technology guarantees the quality, security and reliability of the legacy networks it replaces including ISDN and leased Data circuits, whilst achieving cost-savings of up to 50%. This applies to Voice, Data and Internet services.

Our core network operates from dual mirrored purpose-built Data Centres in London Docklands. We utilise multiple GigE transit and peering interconnects to support both Wide Area Network and Internet services for many blue chip and high profile media clients, as well as household-named subscribers.

Purpose-built Data Centres in London Docklands

We support thousands of telephone extensions, and many millions of minutes of VoIP traffic over our ISDNoIP and SIP trunk services per month. This is all delivered through our secure, Quality of Service (QoS) guaranteed network.

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