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Hosted VoIP Solutions

StripeVox – Cloud VoIP System For Business

StripeVox is designed for over 5 users and gives you access to a secure, enterprise-grade cloud PBX phone system, customised to meet your business needs. Remote worker friendly with integration with your existing tools, Easy to manage with voicemail, flexible IVR, call routing and advanced call queues. StripeVox has everything you need with guaranteed quality of service.

No PBX Hardware

Our enterprise cloud based PBX is a fully hosted service and we take care of the setup, configuration and on-going maintenance.


Secure and Reliable

Hosted on our fully managed redundant cloud based platform, each customer has their own dedicated PBX, offering the reliability and security you need to succeed.


A single instance of StripeVox delivers you VoIP services across all your sites, with seamless user experience., and we can also provide connectivity if required.

The Ultimate Phone Service

to suit businesses of 5 or more users

StripeVox delivers a reliable enterprise-grade cloud phone solution, hassle-free installation, and no on-going maintenance.


Measuring your employee performance is vital to your bottom line and requires robust reporting. These reports allow you to see real-time status, call distribution by agent, average call time and more.



See who is in the office, on a call, or away from their desk, using the Desktop Softphone, mobile client or IP phones. Call rules update automatically based on an employee’s presence.


The extensive built-in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows you to provide information to callers and transfer callers to the appropriate person or department. With the addition of Multi-language options, custom Music-on-Hold for special announcements and Callback make the IVR even better.


Collaborating over long distances has never been easier with group chat built into the desktop softphone. The mobile softphone and chat apps allow employees to stay connected while on the go.

Chat & SMS

Improve employee communication with integrated chat via the desktop softphone. Employees can use their extension to send/receive SMS messages (Inbound SMS included free-of-charge).


Many companies must record, and archive calls for customer satisfaction, employee evaluation and training, security, and legal compliance reasons. In StripeVox, all calls can be selectively recorded, and are displayed in a recordings report.


Built-in conferencing allows your employees to manage their own conference rooms on-demand. See who is in the conference call and who is speaking, with the ability to mute or dismiss participants. In addition, easily invite customers to conferences using a pin number.

Contact Center / Call Queues

Whether you operate a small or large help desk, sales team or contact center SwitchVox offers big customer service and call processing features to help you boost revenue.

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