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Stripe 21 celebrate achieving Sangoma Technology’s Gold Partner Status

Communication Solutions company, Stripe 21, celebrate achieving Gold Partner Status with Sangoma Technologies.  

This status represents Stripe 21’s commitment to providing reliable, effective solutions to SMEs across the UK. The efforts made to provide not only the standard care to customers, but going above and beyond to support clients, is one of the many reasons the Stripe 21 team are so deserving of this Gold Status.  

Who is Stripe 21? 
Stripe 21 is a company based in Dorking, offering Unified Communication Solutions, specifically for SMEs across the UK. As part of the CWCS Managed Hosting Group, Stripe 21 customers are further supported by a team of experts, working within the industry since 1999. Diving into specifics, Stripe 21 offers advanced Telecommunication Solutions, VoIP Solutions and Data Connectivity, tailoring these services to ensure clients have secure, scalable, and cost-effective options.  

Achieving the Gold Partner Status  
Attaining this status is cause for celebration! Sangoma recognising Stripe 21 as a Gold Partner validates the investment, time, and effort the team has put in, working hard to go above and beyond to provide the best services they can.  
Being a Gold Partner gives Stripe 21 further access to training, certifications, marketing resources, and more! Additionally, as part of the CWCS Managed Hosting Group, the Stripe 21 team will continuously have opportunities to upskill and better their skills.

Speaking with the team, Evie Mills, shared, “It’s rewarding to receive this recognition as a business, as it’s a great representation of the hard work we do as individuals and how that comes together and impacts the wider company. I really enjoy working and growing within my team and with the people around me. Not only am I developing my skillset, but I can lean on those around me when required.” 

Managing Director, Karl Mendez, adds, “This is a brilliant representation of the hard work our team has put in to develop their technical knowledge and become industry experts. We are committed to further developing our staff within the CWCS Managed Hosting Group and look forward to celebrating more milestones!” 

If you’re interested in finding out more about the telecommunication solutions Stripe 21 offers, please follow the link below to get in touch: