Comms Dealer speaks to Steve North, MD, to answer 4 key questions about risk management and how to manage the risks effectively.

Is risk management important?
Indeed it is. Being an ICT industry player has its contractual and commercial risks.

What are the greatest risks?
IT and telecoms services can sometimes be too different to enable commercial and operational synergies to be realised.

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Steve North, MD, answers 4 key questions on failing to plan and planning to fail in February's edition of Comms Dealer

How important is annual planning?
It is my responsibility to lead my team and share the vision and strategy I have to build to benefit all of us.

In what key business areas?
We anticipate the market trends, then timeline our product development to keep us ahead of the curve and ensure we maintain our market-leading competitive edge.

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Channel Guide to Connectivity, Data Centres & Cloud Based Applications 2014

The delivery of cloud based applications that provide effective, fast alternative solution to the traditional CPE based delivery model is dependent upon many factors not least of which is the quality of connectivity and the robustness of the application hosting data centre. And let’s not forget the application itself and its ease of use.
These interdependencies are critical to the user experience and expectation – any one of the three failing will let down the other two no matter how good they may be individually.

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