Hosted Telephony is a maturing market where there are large number of suppliers that comprise a mix of longer established independent firms together with more recent arrivals on the scene made up from local carriers adding the application to their portfolio, international arrivals setting up here on their own or as a result of acquiring local firms and SIPs expanding their portfolios. This adds up to quite a choice for resellers looking to add the application to their own portfolios.

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There is a growing global trend towards mobility, working outside the office and away from the standard desktop PC on smart phones, laptops and tablet devices such as iPads. In a corporate environment, this trend of Bringing Your Own Device (BYOD) is challenging the traditional approaches to IT deployment. BYOD security relates strongly to the end node problem, wherein a device is used to access both sensitive and risky consumer networks and services as well as business applications, voice and data services.

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Storage solutions

Storage solutions revolve around the quantity of data to be stored, the speed at which the data needs to be moved for both read and write functions and the diversity of its physical location for Disaster Recovery and security purposes.

Because these parameters are so vague, there are a raft of both on-site and off-site solutions for both client and back-office data. It is usually a combination of these, delivered as a managed service, which keeps costs under control but delivers the required minimum levels of accessibility, DR compliance and security.

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