Audio & Video Conferencing

Conferencing applications are finding their way in to all types of business. As well as increasing productivity the ever-rising cost of travel and the impact it is having on company budgets is increasingly placing focus on video conferencing. Today there are so many options for resellers and their customers from mobile conferencing right through to boardroom scaled enterprise sized telepresence solutions. In this article Comms Business looks at low cost video conferencing solutions as well as desktop audio conferencing to see;

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SIP Trunking

Who needs ISDN? Well, it seems a whole bunch of people still rely on ISDN as their main form of voice connectivity but increasingly users are turning to SIP. Why is that? What are the advantages? In fact, what are the pros and cons?

“We report from the coal face on what users are buying, what concerns they have and how they are converting ISDN to SIP with their customers before someone else does.”

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The Economic Recovery: Is it fragile or robust?

Are you currently experiencing a feel good factor?
Business is steady and we are gaining ground, but for every win there is a client elsewhere getting into difficulties. It is still patchy out there.

What are you doing to maximise on the improving economic outlook?
Initially we invested in our infrastructure to further increase network capacity and resilience. We are now implementing a BSI Quality system and continue to invest in ongoing marketing for lead generation.

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